Hire a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)

When you hire a Canadian CPA, rest assured you’re selecting a professional with the financial proficiency, strategic vision and commitment to excellence that will help your organisation compete and succeed, at home and abroad.

Hire a Canadian CPA

Talent is what sets exceptional organisations apart from the pack. A Canadian CPA is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Not only do you get the business and accounting skills that your organisation needs, you also get a trained team player with the hands-on experience to tackle critical business challenges. A Canadian CPA is equipped to manage the pressures and pace of the global economy, with a deep understanding of financial data, its impact on organisational performance and how it can be used to deliver exceptional results. A Canadian CPA is indispensable in making organisations successful and delivering benefits.

As a member of one of the most recognised and respected accounting designations in the world, a Canadian CPA provides you with the confidence that you’re hiring a professional with a commitment to the highest standards and a desire to make a real difference.

Why not have the best of the best working for you?

Canadian CPA practical experience: Pre-approved program information for employers

Do you wish to be a preferred employer, able to attract the top accounting students? If so, the pre-approved program may be the right fit for your organisation, as you support your Canadian CPA students/candidates in completing their practical experience requirements. Assess your options, consider the benefits of the pre-approved program and learn more about your responsibilities as an employer.

Employers have the choice to offer a CPA pre-approved program to support the training needs of a future Canadian CPA as they earn their practical experience requirements in the CPA certification program.

The Pre-approved Program: Does it work for my organization? provides more information for employers about Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada)’s pre-approved program.

Benefits of a pre-approved program

  • efficiency: there are significantly fewer reporting requirements in the pre-approved program for a future Canadian CPA and their employers than in the verification route for organisations that regularly hire future Canadian CPAs
  • certainty: practical experience is completed within 30 months
  • oversight: your organisation has control over who is in the program
  • recruitment: the program can act as a powerful recruitment tool for hiring a future Canadian CPA
  • cost: there is no direct cost to obtain and maintain approval status

An employer’s responsibilities within a pre-approved program

If you pursue the pre-approved program route for your Canadian CPA students and candidates, you must commit to meeting the following responsibilities:

  • maintain senior-level ownership of the program by appointing a pre-approved program leader(s)
  • provide a working environment that prepares a future Canadian CPA to become a certified Canadian CPA by providing supervision, guidance and instruction on practical ethical issues through on-the-job training and progress reviews
  • offer structured training positions which provide a sufficient range of progressively complex assignments and increasing responsibility to allow a future Canadian CPA to achieve the required practical experience in the technical and enabling competencies within 30 months of employment
  • ensure a future Canadian CPA is documenting their developing competencies in the profession's online practical experience reporting tool (PERT)
  • provide a supervisor and Canadian CPA mentor for all future Canadian CPAs within the program
  • provide time away from the office for future Canadian CPAs to write any weekday examinations

To assess whether a pre-approved program is suitable for your organization, ask these two key questions:

  1. Does my organisation hire at least one future Canadian CPA each year?
  2. Can my organisation commit to providing senior-level ownership of the training program?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then your organisation should consider adopting a pre-approved program.